Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What Stuck With You Today? November 26th, 2014

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
OysterWhat stuck with me was Tom was always sitting beside me singingI am awesome and Gladiator Snails are awesome!
robertwhat stuck with me today is : i am very happyyes by!!
LiamToday I was really learning well because I LOVE learning. No Thanks

B-) Sunglasses dude look at it side ways.
RaphieA very annoying song called all abut the bass.i dont think so
KatieOf course the skype call and how pretty Ava cat is.
Just today i noticed that she is very very pretty.
no not really
isaacwhat stuck with me today was the skype call it was very interesting and i learned a lot things no
hudsoni liked the skype call alote. and i liked the time on
ToniI think when I did math with Kelly because the math was hard.No I don't think so Shauna.
Sammyi'm stuck with what i'm writing right nowno
sophiei am owes hugreno thaknyou
Owen.Dtoday i realy liked the class clene up because we got to get the classroom tidy. i also did not like how we lost so much time.well, um, no.
jamesI dont no!yum!
RowanIn my tree family I enjoyed reading a book called and tango makes three.Not today.
shaneI like our new class jobs.
Ava catI will remember the skype call.
and the 3D printer.
lilahthat crismis is coming. my sist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to change the wallpaper on the chrome books for people like katie. nope
Ava BunnyI am going to see my dad.
And chrismas is cuming.
I cant wate to see my presents.
tomi am tired and happy because i woke up and i was so tired but i also have
timi am stuck on thinking about a game i am going to play after school today and the game is named skipbobno
MarikoI dont know!I dont want my class to know.

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