(sent home to families on Tuesday, October 7th, 2014)

Hello families of Gladiator Snails,

  In an effort to make sure you don's miss important info, I've added titles to each item in this letter and bolded the key words. 

Hitchbot Jr:   Today, we had Alison Evans Adnani from Maker Junior in. Ask your child about our project, Hitchbot Jr. Here's what one student (Rowan) thought:

Dear parents,

today we did maker junior We decided to make a Hitchbot junior. We got a chance to plan in our imagineering workbook. Alison (the person who was doing the workshop) split us into groups to work. I think it was super fun.

​FYI, Hitchbot Jr is based on a summer project called Hitchbot that had a robot with Artificial Intelligence travel all the way from one end of Canada to another, interacting with the people who picked "him" up. It inspired our project and Hitchbot Jr. will be tracking walking patterns in the neighbourhood​ through the kindness of people willing to carry him on their backs!

​Maker Junior Money:  If you haven't sent your $7 in for Maker Junior, please do ASAP (cash or cheque to Churchill Alternative).

Hitchbot Jr Volunteers: To get Hitchbot Jr up and running, we'll need some help from volunteers. We have student teams working on Communication (Social Media), Design (building and decorating our bot), Information (writing the instructions), Notebook (helping set up tracking) and GPS (actually setting up the GPS watch to track). If you feel like you can help with any of this, let us know! We'd love to have you in to work with a small group for any amount of time (even a half hour) in the next couple of weeks so we can have Hitchbot Jr on the streets, learning about walking patterns by the end of the month!

National Gallery Oct. 24th:  A field trip form will be coming home tonight. We are going to the National Art Gallery on October 24th. We'll need at least 4 parent volunteers to join us. Michael has sent a link to Volunteer Spot! 

Baby Photos: Just for fun, consider sending in or emailing baby photos of your child at 5-6 months. We are studying Alice (Sam's sister) and Leo (Ava Cat's brother) every month. You can send in a photo of your child every month and we can watch Alice and Leo grow, and see how we grew at the same ages!

Fly on our Wall: If you want to know what is going on in Room 209, you can check out Twitter account You don't need to be logged in. We try to document our learning each day! Feel free to tweet at us and share our learning with your families and friends! We also blog at

Annual Learning Plan Appointments: Here is what your child's Annual Learning Plan will look like: In the coming weeks, we will have 15 minute meetings (you, your child and I) to cement term 1 goals. Take a look at the document and talk with your child about what Learning Skills he or she will work on and what academic goals he or she has for the first part of the year. Once you've had a chat at home, you can book your appointment here 


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