Parent volunteers are welcome in Room 209 at any time! We love having volunteers in our room. As a class, we've put together expectations for ourselves for when we have volunteers in the room:

We welcome volunteers to our classroom! We treat them with respect. Our teacher trusts us to work well with anyone. If we are making poor choices, not being respectful and focused, we lose our teacher’s trust. We have to have a chat with the teacher right away to find a way to trust us again. Our teacher will tell our parents about our poor choices, or we will tell them ourselves in a letter.

We've also put together a letter to welcome volunteers to our room:
Letter to Classroom Volunteers

and a list of some jobs that volunteers can do with us in small groups or individually.
Volunteer Top Twelve

The letter to our volunteers and our Top Twelve list (along with checklists of student names) are hanging up in our classroom beside our calendar. All of us are happy to show volunteers how this works!

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