Tuesday 23 September 2014

Gladiator Snails News Show

This is our FIRST blog post together!

OK. Well, this is a video that the Gladiator Snails made. - Grace
This is a video about what we have done these weeks in EPCOTclass. - Katie
So what we did is we took all the things that we have done and we basically made the people choose. And what thing they wanted to do for what we have done for these few weeks and then we put them into a video. - Oyster
We also set up lots and lots of things to make this video. We wrote on a paper and read it. We were writing in our Imagineering books. - Tom
An Imagineering book is a book that where we can't erase things, we can only create things. - Sophie
Imagineering means to imagine and engineer. - Toni

We think our news show was between a yellow and green light.

A yellow light and a green light is kind of like just showing how you think you did at something. - Isaac
A green light would look like if it was up to 10, it would be 10, the best. A green light means you can go like at a light in traffic.- Rowan

Here are some things we liked about our first news show:
-I liked how some people spoke very clearly. -Shane
-I like how they were being brave of speaking to the whole class. -James
-I like the stuff that we did. -Robert
-I liked how some people were looking at the paper and the audience at the same time. And, yeah. -Owen D
-Um, I liked that no one went like, "buh-buh-buh-BUHHH". -Hudson
-It was nice to share things with other people. -Tim
-I just liked it because I liked it. -Liam

In order to make our next news show a total green light, we will:
-Next time, we're going to try to look at the camera more than our pages. -Ava Cat
-We can try not to stutter as much and try to speak more clearly. -Isaac
-Not crumple paper! -Sammy
-Maybe we should practice more. -Gracie
-Well, I think we should look more at the camera, with your eyes down, you should still look at the camera. -Tommy
-We should talk louder and clearer and the people in the background should be quieter and the background should be a colour and not just the classroom. -Katie
-It's about props. Not many people brought props. I brought the Ketchup/Mustard and Pickle board. And, the background should be one colour and not distracting things. -Oyster
-Maybe we should actually plan out our things so we're looking at the cameras instead of our books. We should practice first. -Sophie
-I think we should put the whiteboard close with a table right in front of it. We can write things on the whiteboard big. - Indi
-Maybe we can have a long table with three newscasters just sitting there. - Lilah

Did you enjoy our news show? What did you like best? What should we do next time to make it even better? Leave a comment below!


  1. Good job Gladiator Snails! It was great to see all of you and to learn more about what you do. If I were to suggest some improvements, I would say: shorter (maybe 30 seconds per student), louder (sometimes it was hard to hear you) and closer (more you, less wall). Keep up the good work! Jeremy (Katie's Dad)

  2. Great job class! You guys are already so busy with many projects! Please make sure to speak up and not mumble when delivering your newscast. Excellent work! Amy (Ava's mom)