Tuesday, 10 February 2015

What Stuck With Us February 9th-10th, 2015

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
Twanetta I learned is snowshoeing I learnt that because I went outside.
r.sWe went snowshowing with Gillian's class. I also did free write with Ava.b and the the story is caled the end of the world but we did not start the poem yet
EspionI learned not to tell romours.
Timwhat stuck with me is my slugterra game on my moms ipad at home
Jaq clusto Ava bunny rambo delaj Wen we wer doing gonodel .nnooppeeyyddooddeellddoo
IndiWELL I was finishing up my canadian day
Owen M Delage Well, not much stuck with me except finding out that there is a Pink Panther mod in minecraft.Nope.
Raphie laffy taffywhat stuck with me today is when we did free write in the second period
shanerI liked when were doing free write
Oyster boyster noyster loyster I learned that it is awesome to work with three different grades. I learned that from Gillians class they came with us to work when the rest of our class was snowshoeing
PikachuWhat Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned Math How I Learned It Was Michelle's Math Group.AAA...NOOO!!! Thanks
ike what stuck with me today today was when we did free writing I learned that I reeeally love free writing. I learned that when we were doing it.
graciewhat is stuck with me is gilleins class. i love working with them.
RowanWhat stuck with me today was finishing my canadian day booklet in math.
mI had a Math group and it was really fun.Right now we are going up for musik with andrew.nope dopeee!
JamesI learned more about Leo because he came in today.I learned it by Leo coming in.
ikewhat stuck with me today was when baby leo came in I learned more about him.
Raphie laffy taffywhat stuck with me today is when baby leĆ³ came in and we studied him like how tall he is and that kind of stuff.
EspionI learned a lot more abut japan from researching on the internet.
Ava hLeo is very cute and he is learning to crawl!
Me and katie's degu story number 2 is going well!
can i show the hitch bot tweets tomorrow !
Twanetta I learned that Mexico's Continent is Nouth America. I learnt that from the Kid Citizens Country Choices.Leo came in and he was cute!
TimI learned a new game
Owen MDToday what stuck with me was that I finally finished my kid citizen work.

shanerI liked when baby leo came in and we got to do experiments
graciei want to
go on anther vecation
Katie the ladyLeo came in today.And the really fun thing was that I got to free write and it was super-fun!nope.(:
Jaq clusto Ava bunny rambo delajwe lernd a bot helthy food.nope.
LilahI lrnd that peepl in difrint cotres eta difrint fuds .
Oyster boyster|I learned that having different teachers is awesome! I learned that from amanda she did a awesome lesson. It was awesome!
indiuWhat stuck with me is doing the Kid Citizens project. I got to research a lot, and I was planning on doing Mexico but then I could not because someone else was doing it. Alex knows that I love animals, so she tried to search up places where that had the most population of animals. We did not find the most animals, but we found the most mammals. I am so excited!This project is awesome!
Sophie the penutI was very glad to see Leo becus I missed him.
RowanWhat stuck with me today was when baby Leo came into our classroom.
hudsoni liked the gust leo!!!aaaa no ha-ti-ha-ti
PikachuWhat Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned What The World Eats How I Learned It Was Amadas Health Lesson!!!PIKACHU!!!
AlexanderSeeing Ava Cat little brother Leo. He is so cute. I allergic to nothing!
TOMMY WOMMYI leaned the a baby named leo comes in every month he has grown a lot it was awesome and good.

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