Thursday, 19 February 2015

What Stuck With Us Today - Thursday, February 19th, 2015

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
Raphie laffy taffywhat stuck with me today is when people bodys out and the hardest part is when we had to cut out the fingers.
TOMMY WOMMYI learned that when you doing a video do not make a joke it is not funny
RowanWhat stuck with me today was doing our mystery GHO with Mrs. Albrecht's class.
IndiraI finished up my mustard and ketchup work and Indid a PP show today.
LilahI lrnd asc nis
graciemath i want to in prouve.
MarikoI learned that SimplyNoise helps me work. from shauna. I olso learned the 2ed step to kid citisines. from shauna.
Timwhat stuck with me today is my spongebob game at my house
SOPHIEGym I was hoola hooping I love hoola hooping its very fun...We did a green light
JamesI learned that doing a balance beam is so hard to do.I did it by doing it in gym today with my whole class and we had to get in to class order.IT WAS HARD!!
shanerWhat stuck with me today is when in gym we were standing on the bench's and tried to get in class order without falling a bunch of people fell
Twanetta I know that we are going to do this thing and we have to trays a partner and it has to do something with Kid Citizens.
It's probably going to be fun!!!
ikewhat stuck with me today was when we did the mystery skype with the ms. a class in spruce grove alberta. it was really fun.
Owen Bubosten Delage Today what stuck with me was how much work I did. I am almost finished my PP video planning.Nope.
PikachuWhat Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned Some Math How I Learned It Was I Had Math Word Probs Today!!!PIKACHU!!! He Elelcturted You!!! Pikachu Did!!!
huddy-buddyi loved gym and gwl!!!aaa no!!!
Oyster boyster noyster loyster I learned that it is awesome having lots of mystery skypes. I learned that from Mrs.Albrecht's class we had a awesome skype with their class! it was awesome!
Mrs. KatieWe had a mystery skype and we are going to communicate more with them.And it was very fun.nope.

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