Sunday, 19 April 2015

What Stuck With Us - Friday, April 17th

What stuck with you today?Is there anything else you would like your class, or Natasha, to know?Your Name:
clase metin!!!aaa no!!!huddy-buddy
what stuck with me today is me and my best friend ali playing slugterra at recess today.Tim
Recess was fun and I cant wait for Friday Free Time!NopeAva Bunny
That we have freetime!Katie
What Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned Language How I Learned It Was Language Today.See You LaterPika 2015
I practiced typing by doing these to survey ,it was fun!!!Twanetta
The blue print i thinck i am doing really well!Gracie
Class meeting. We talked about enemies.Robert
I liked are class meeting and leader ship club!Ava cat
what stuck with me today was when we did are museum plans.ike
What stuck with me today was planning out my Kid Citizen exhibitRowan
I learned that Math is everything. Nothing!Mariko
I practised on kid citizen nopeshane
What stuck with me is that at the class meeting -we did a lot of good rules and they were fun We did French today but we went to another class to do French it was fun.TOMMY
I lrearned more about what kids in Australia eat. NopeLilah
I really liked the ketchup mustard and pickle! Nothankyou...Sophie
Everything cause everything was so awesome that I couldnt even believe the day went so fastAli
I learned that a blueprint can be a lot of fun. I learned it by doing a blueprint with Natasha today and that's how I got the sentence above the nothing.James

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