Monday, 20 April 2015

What Stuck With Us Today - Monday, April 20th, 2015

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
IkeWhat stuck with me today was when we did the owl pellets. I learned that the owl sometimes swallows more than one animal at a time. Because when we dissected the owl pellets, there was more than one skull!No.
Tim ToodlesWhat stuck with me today is digging out rodent bones and other kinds of bones while being disgusted. Having fun at recess, going to Nook and having lunch and playing with Kermit just a little bit at Indoor Recess. Recess today was Indoor Recess. And doing Go Noodle and upgrading Bart Reynolds. He used to have just a mustache, now he has a mustache that is hands and arms.Nope. I think that's good enough!
indi well we did owl pellet investated today and it was fun
Ava BunnyWhat stuck with me is that today, we done the coolest thing ever in the class which is dissecting owl puke. The coolest thing ever! :) It was so cool cause I found a skull inside of my owl puke thing and a body part and I discovered it was a rodent. Yaaaaay!I like to do more disgusting things like that again! Heh heh heh ya!
LilahI loved finding sgals in owl pelits
Sophie 2015I really liked the owl pellets they are dry and harry.
RowanWhat stuck with you today was dissecting owl pellets.I found it disgusting, but it was still really interesting and fun. Not today.
Ava Cat:)I loved doing owl pellets i found a lot of bones and a couple of skulls At first it was gross but then i found fun!I also liked doing the click workshop it was fun but i wish we had more time.
TOMMY BOMMYWhat stuck with me is that we did owl pellets. I found 3 skulls and a lot of rib bones and leg bones and other bones like that. It's hard to get the owl pellets open.
shane:)what stuck with me today is i did fortagerfy it was FUN:)
J a m e sI learned that owl pellets are really fun.I learned it by doing owl pellets and getting 2 rodent skulls and other bones.
RRRaphie (:what stuck with me today is when we went digging into owl pellets and I found 2 skulls
Espion 2015 (Mariko)diging for bones in a owl pellet.I learned what bones of a rodent looks like.Nope
OOOyster :)I learned that Owl pellets are not disgusting. I learned that when I dissected some I found 3 rodent skulls!

Twanetta We did the BEST asinment ever, we did owl pellets!I don't get why people didn't use there hands. (it's not that gross). I got so much hair, I got TWO sculls. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I had a lot of fun.
GracieI learned that owl's eat these thing...
- Wort hogs
Pika 2015What Stuck With Me Today Is Owl Pellets. It Was GROSS!!!No
AliI would say the photography workshop, because i got to do it with my best buddy, Tim. He calls himself `Tim the Magnificent`. I took pictures of him doing awesome poses.
miss KatieWE did owl pellets and that is when an owl cant eat the bones and fur and then it barfes it out again.I was pretty grossed out and now i am not hungry anymore.I found 2 skulls and a tun of bones!

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