Monday, 27 April 2015

What Stuck With Us Today - Monday, April 27th, 2015

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
Lilahi ma happy cas Xue is in are clas cas my frend Aveva went to devonshire and my frend tod me abot her
RowanWhat stuck with me today was helping Xue(say Shway) explore the classroom! Its so fun to have a new student in the class!Not today.
Ava .b.doctter delag!!!i am gust happy!!!nope!!!
IndiWhat stuck with me is Hannah scribing for me in Ketchup time and that Xue, I didn't think that's what she'd look like but it doesn't matter and I hope we can be friends.nopeie
Espion 2015 (Mariko)I learned a new mode in the photography workshop on a camara.NO!
Katie the ladyWe did a photography workshop and you had to take your lego figures, place them somewhere and take a picture.But not just any picture you had to make it clear in the front and blurry in the background.Then we also had half the class on one side and half on the other,then the half with no cameras had to jump and the side with the cameras had to take a picture of them in mid air.Inside we had a glass and we had some food coloring in,then we had to take a picture of different food colorings floating in the glass of water.Now it is FREETIME!nope!
AlexanderSomebody new came to the school and I think Ive seen her before at Devonshire and that was my old school.
ikewhat stuck with me today was when we did the fer photography workshop I learned that if you are taking a picture the more lite you shine on the picture the less blurry the picture will be.
Sophie 2015I loved the cameras it is so awesome being a photographer.
GracieWhat stuck with me is that i wish we made a more good impression in front of xue. We were very crazy today and i wish they would do better.
JamesI learned that Ketchup work can be pretty hard. I learned it by doing Ketchup work today and I did some of the floor plan and a tiny bit of the kid citizens but I'm still not done.
Twanetta I learned some new facts about my classmates! Xue is very nice and she already made a lot of friends!!!
Ava CatI liked when we did the click workshop again with kate it was really interesting we got water in a glass then put food coloring in it and we took pictures of the water coloring moving (hard to explain)
TOMMY BOMMY(tom)What stuck with me today is that we did a lot of Ketchup work. I finished a lot of stuff like museum blueprint, still not done kid citizen, and I also finished my prism and I also finished my all the good things part 6. I also was doing 15 minutes of IXL and we also did free time.
shanerI practiced on kid citizens blue print
Rawhat with me today is when we did our clik workshop outside and inside
Owen M Delage What stuck with me today is that there is a new student in are class.Nope.
Pika 2015What Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned About Belize. It Is AWESOME To Have Xue In Our Class
huddy-buddyi liked ressecaaa no!!!
OyI learned it is awesome to have a new student in are class her name is Xue

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