Sunday, 19 April 2015

What Stuck With Us Today - Tuesday, April 14th-Friday, April 17th

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
Raphie laffy taffywhat stuck with me yesterday is when we went up to the library and practiced math
AlexanderPlaying the gym game outside, it was fun. We had three hoops and two teams, and three people with green and they were guarding the bean bag jewels. Two teams try to get the bean bags to bring them to their hoop.
Mrs. KatieMy dad came in today and he did math with us.nope!
OOOyster :)I learned about pulleys and witch one is strongest to pull something heavy
Twanetta I practiced typing by doing Sideweird stories with James and Hannah.
J a m e sI learned that working on chromebooks can be a lot of fun. I learned it by doing sideweird stories on chromebooks with Hannah and Toni and we had a lot of fun doing it. I'm not sure about Hannah and Toni, but I had a lot of fun.
Sophie 2015I loved tree family I love doing Arts and crafts Arts are so creative, you can do so much with Arts.
Espion 2015 (Mariko)i learned more about babies and kids up to five. I learned three year olds can play with Play-Doh and squeeze it. I also learned four is the age that you can start running.
indu School of Rock leaders came to our class and said who got the t-shirts and they made sure the people who got them got them. Now we're going to do some gym with Stephanie and I'm getting very excited...yay gym!! Shauna, Stephanie, and Natasha are awesome! And you should want Shauna as a teacher, and Stephanie and Natasha as a student teacher in your classroom!
RowanWhat stuck with me today was that I worked on my kid citizen.
I looked up the foods and desserts that the italians eat. They look super yummy and made me want to eat them and also they made me really hungry.
LilahI learned more about age 1 to 5 and I never knew when you were 3 you start colouring and painting and drawing. We worked on Kid Citizens, we learned more about what the kids in our countries eat. No.
Alexandereverthing was great. Everything was Gym and I can`t wait because I get to play a game with Shauna the awesome teacher. She is awesome still and she won the best teacher award last year. And she likes Walt Disney.
Timwhat stuck with me today is having a great time at recess both recesses today
GracieI learned that 4 year olds can ride bikes. I learned that because natasha had a lesson today and tout us about that.
J a m e sI learned that Kid citizens can be a lot of fun. I learned it by doing Kid citizens today and having a lot of fun doing the Kid Citizens. I had fun cutting out my Kid Citizen and helping out my friend Oyster cutting it out.
TOMMY WOMMYWhat is stuck with me today is that we had to trace someone and then do what the kid citizens. Kid citizens is about you pick a country and you trace someone and you pretend they are from a different country and it was fun to do. We did social studies about Alice and Leo. They grow a lot and start to learn, soon they're gonna be smart.No.
Twanetta I learned that babies can start walking when there 3 yrs old, (that's young)!!! Incredible!!! The slide show that Natasha made was really fun and also I liked it how you made us a form for us to fill out.
Owen Stowen Fowen DelageWhat stuck with me today was that I still have to cut out my global citizen. Nope.
Katie the ladyWhat stuck with you today?

That we did the kid citizen and i had to cut off his arms because i didn't like them.
Ava CatI liked tree families because the kids got to read the books and we read books about fairness my favorite one was piggy and gerald a big guy took my ball!!! I also liked Working on are Kid citizen.
Pikachu 2015What Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned About 1-5 Year Old Kid's How I Learned It Was Natasha's Slide Show.No
Ike What stuck with me today was when we did the human development slideshow I learned that when someone is three they should be adle to run.
shane:)I practised on kid citizens i learned lots about singapore

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