Friday, 10 April 2015

What Stuck With Us Today? Friday, April 10th, 2015

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
Espion 2015 (Mariko)I learned how to tell the difference between area and perimeter in Stephanie's math lesson.
RowanWhat stuck with me today was friday free time. I worked on a story that me and a friend are working on. We are going to hand it in on the 30th of april for the short story writing program called: "Churchill writes!"
@fatcat613 aka:Oy I learned that coming back from three days of school is AWESOME I have never been away that long and this has been the best day EVER!!!
Sophie 2015I liked doing reading buddies it was sooo fun...
Ava Cat We had 73 minutes of free time i did puppet pals with my friends Rowan and kaite! We had a p&A(perimeter and Area) with stephanie.
Owen. DWhat stuck with me today was that me and Oyster are going to be making a EPSOT school! Can you believe!!??Nope.
GracieI learned perimeter and area. area is inside and perimeter is on the outside.
Twanetta I practiced Typing Web after How Do You Feel Today,the last time I did Typing web was like 1 month ago.
Mrs. KatieWe had 73 minutes of free time and it was awesome!!!
I held degus and went on puppet pals2.
TOMMY BOMMYWhat stuck with me was that we had 73 minutes of Friday Free time. It was awesome because we had a lot of free time last week and we got to get more free time this week because we missed last week. We also finished our Ketchup work. I finished everything. I finished My Book of Awesome, my Kid Citizen, and it was awesome to do ketchup work because the book of awesome is supposed to be awesome and fun to do. I liked it when we did the class meeting with Natasha. It was awesome.
LilahI learned abawt aera and primitr
J a m e sI learned that tech is not very good for you but it can be a bit good. I learned it by doing a project and me and Owen D. did a slideshow about kids and tech.
shaneI practised on canadian citizens for some of my free timenope
Pikachu 2015What Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned Language How I Learned Language Is Language Today. Na
ikewhat stuck with me today was when the area and perimeter lesson I learned that every thing that is inside the perimeter is area.

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