Thursday, 9 April 2015

What Stuck With Us Today - Thursday, April 9th, 2015

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
Lilah I learned about structures, it was fun. Trees and bridges are structures. I learned it by watching a really cool video with my class.
IndiWe have to research about the country that we picked for our project called Kid Citizens. I know a little bit about the country I picked and I'm excited to research and learn more about it. I really want to do the museum project for our Kid Citizen and the country that we chose.
Ava BunySciens was confusing/gym was wird
RowanWhat stuck with me today was that we played hotshot handball in gym class. It was kind of confusing because I always forgot to step on the beanbags.
GracieI learned that we are going to have a museum with are kid citizens i can't wait!! plus i know a lot about costa rica.
Twanetta I learned about Structures how we learnt that was Stephanie showed us a video called Bill Nye the science guy. We had to fill out a survey to tell what we learnt. It was fun!!!
MarikoI learned abaut tenshon and conpreshon and sability. from Bill Nye the sience guy.
#Raphiewhat stuck with me today is when shauna told the class about what were going to make museums on our countries that we chose for kid citizens.
Owen MDToday I learned that tension is very important in structures. Nope.
Ava catI learned about Structures with Stephanie Tension,Compression and stability! In gym we played bean bag basketball:).
Sophie 2015In gym we played bean bag basketball it was one of the best game I loved it...
TOMMY WOMMYWhat stuck with me was that we were watching a video and the theme song got stuck in my head. It was a funny video though. It was about compression, tension, and stability, and structures. We also did gym today. We did a game called bean bag basketball. It was awesome. I wish we could do it again!Gym was awesome!
J a m e sI learned that fractions can be a lot of fun. I learned it by doing fractions at the end of the day and Natasha taught us fractions.
shanerI practised on math I got 4 pages done :):)
Katie the ladyWe had a lesson about structures and I didn't get it at all. We watched a video about it and at the end there was a funny song.nope!
ikewhat stuck with me today today was when we learned about structures I learned that bones are structures.
Pikachu 2015What Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned About Structures How I Learned It Was The Bill Nye Video And Survey Today B-)No Thank You
huddy-buddyi liked gym!!!aaa no!!
Owen M Delage The math group. It was very hard. I dont think I did a very good job.Nope.
#%(Raphie)%#what stuck with me today is when we went to gym and hula hoop and everybody was better (well mostly everybody)I forgot my money for the bake sale because I didn't know about it
Katie the ladyWe did gym and we had to hula hoop and it was really funny because most of the boys didn't know how to do it and most of the girls did.Now I am going to set up the bake sale with Raphie and Hannah!

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