Thursday, 11 December 2014

What Stuck With Us - December 10th and 11th - Thanks to Susan for Being Our Guest Teacher!

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
indiraI had so much fun at gym we played 3 pinned dodgeball\dare ball it is AWesOMe i have played it before.And i was awesome at it .!:)nonono
Tima new game someone told me about and in the game I am a puppy and I live with my friend sam and he is a hamster
MarikoToday, we went to gym and we measured rectangle or square things.No
RAPHAEL JOHN HEARDWhen baby Alice came in and undisputedly shauna was on the same document so we got to chat with shauna to!!!
JamesWhen baby Alice came inNop!!!
hudsoni liked gust time oh and ava bunny liked
aaa no!!!$$$
roberti am stuck with measurmentno
ToniI loved spending time with Susan because she does fun stuff like reading book's!We should change the jobs today but we didn't.
I hope we can see Susan again.Susan do you know Jessie from hilson shes my sister!
ikewhat stuck with me today was doing the the perimeter thing it was fun.
Sophie. l. C 19I am excited for hannukah
tomI was snowd so much and that was awesome!!
OysterWhat stuck with me was doing perimeter with OwenD.Oyster is awesome.
Sammyi lost a toothno
graciei really like to spend time with suzen.
Owen. DThe new teacher, again.nope.
Ava HAlice!!!

we haven't seen her in so long!
shanewhat stuck with me today is when we where measuring.
KatieThe hanukkah song and the cute little degus are stuck in my head.When are we gonna have friday free time?
RowanI really liked having baby Alice in our classroom today.I had a wonderful day!
Lilahi dont nowno
Liam The Turtle What Stuck With Me Today Is Math!!!I Rock!!!
MarikoThe 12 days of giving and Go noodle was stuck with me todayNo
RAPHAEL JOHN HEARDIs the twelve days of giving I dont think so HAHAHA
Tim my twelfth days of giving and I am also stuck with thinking about my play date after school I am also stuck with thinking about what I am going to do at my play date after school and I have been stuck with thinking about gym
JamesIt is the twelve days of giving
I am awesome
Ava bunnyI went to tree families today.No
Sophie L C 19that we have a nis nis teacher I am really Happy!!!
lkewhat stuck with me today was writing the 12 days of giving.
Owen. DThe new teacher. Because we've never had her before. I also liked the book: A Porcupine In A Pine Tree!!!Nope.
RowanI loved having a guest teacher today.She was very nice. I also really liked writing the twelve days of giving.I had a great day today!
gracie the 12 days of givingsuzen is very nice
KatieThat susan is a very good supply teacher it was fun.
and the 12 giving things was fun too.
no nneevveerr!!!
shanewhat stuck with me is I like the twelve day of christmas thing
RobertoI am so excited that i am picking the gym game and i am going to choose capture the flag. nnn ooo bbyyy!!!
hudsoni liked RESSES!!!aaa !!!(:(:(:$$$***
ToniI had fun with Susan because we read a book!!!I also had fun doing the 12 days of giving.James joined bordenball.
tomI have back up teacher todayAWESOME
OysterWhat stuck with me was the twelve days of givingGeorgee porgee
Liam.R.M.RWhat Stuck With Me Today Iz The Twelve Days Of GivingI HAVE A WIDESCREEN T.V!!!
Avatwelve days of giving it is really hard to think of thing that go together.Nothing!!!!

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