Tuesday, 2 December 2014

What Stuck With Us Today? December 2nd, 2014

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
AvaI wunder if my bunny got rid of the tiks from the medsinno
LiamWhat Stuck With Me Today Is That We Did That Thingy Ma Jiggy On The Computer That You Can Lend Money And It's Giving Tuesday And It's Almost Christmas Time And 23 More Days To Christmas!!! YEA!!!Everyone In The Class ROCKS!!!
See You All Tomorrow
Bye Shauna See You Thursday
tomI have soccer today very very very awesome!!!NO!!!
Robertmax and mango sang in french it so so so so so so annoying and never want to her it a gen !!! no
MarikoGo Noodle and math was stuck with me today.No
RowanI really liked writing to my book buddy about my learning style,in fact I liked it more than any letter I've ever written to my book buddy.Not today.
Sophie 19 the Scottish dans it was so fun I can. t get it out of my mind nothank you
hudsoni liked the time on chromebooks. and the go noodle!!!mmmmmmmmmmmmm no no no!!!(: ):
ToniNothing is stuck with me Shauna.We got a new monster on go noodle. I love chocolate and candy!!!
KatieThe degu drill is stuck with me and the fractions too actually the song from Max and Mango is in my head too.nooo neeveer !!!
isaacwhat stuck with me today was math with Alex it was very funno
graciei was on the list of not putting my crom book away properly. no
Owen.DAlex's math lesson!nope.
jamesI am stuck with french todayNNNOOO!!!
OysterWhat stuck with me was fractions with alex. What also stuck with me was Go Noodle!!!I like chocolate
Sammygoing to my dad'sno
lilahthat i dot feel wel no
shaneI like when Alex tot us fractions
RaphieFrench is stuck with me today.Noo!!!
Timeating the cup cake that my mom made

I came to school late today.


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