Monday, 1 December 2014

What Stuck With Us - November 28th, 2014

Timmy field trip and for my field trip i went skating i had skating today and today is november 28th 2014.
and there was a play it was cool funny it had akshin in it.
tomorrow it is a weekend and then when it is monday it will be december and my birthday is december 9th
RowanI really enjoyed going skating today. I think that today I skated faster than when I went skating last year.I am looking forward to the ceilidh with the Mighty minions on monday.
Robertwhat stuck with me today its that peopol keep on bathering me in the playground and
we went scading feeldtrip it was cool and very fun bot peopol did not`no haw to scate.
no. by
indiwe went skating and i did my best that i ever did.And we saw pictures of hitchbot beside hitchbot thank you.
MarikoThe skating fieldtrip was very fun!
I really liked the presentation from Nepean School.
KatieThat we went skating was really fun.And I am so happy for hichbot jr that he gets to see his inspiration. no not right now.Well if you want to know what i'm thinking its THE DEGUS ARE SOOO CUTE!!!
tomwe just saw a play it was so so long and so fun!!No!!!
Ava catI did a twirl at skating and it just popped out of my head and i tried 4 times and i did it WOO!Yes i wacht the play it was good

By shauna have a good day!
sophiei scatid for the first time in this winter the day nov 28.2014 nothank you
jamesI am stuck with free time.No!!!
SammyI'm stuck with a sertin type of book

Raphieskating is stuck with me todayi dont think so
isaacwhat stuck with me today was the play that neapein did it was raely good.!!!no not realy
shanei went skating and i was way way better then last time.
lilahholding the dagoseno !!!
hudsoni really liked the filed trupe!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no!!!
ToniI don't think anything.I was awesome at skating!!!
Owen.Dskating. because do you know how many times I falled? zero times!nope, not at all.
LiamWhat Stuck With Me Today Is Skating Faster And Watching The NHS
Play 101 Dalmatians.
No Thanks
OysterI was really good at skating and I was better than beforeI love lasagna 

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