Monday, 1 December 2014

What We're Up to This Week - Dec 2nd-5th, 2014

-we filled in our "How Do You Feel Today?" surveys at the beginning of the day
-we filled in our "What Stuck With You Today?" surveys at the end of the day
-we talked about what a great "What Stuck With You Today?" response would look like
-we read the book "Katie's Pairty", written in Scots to help get us ready for our Ceilidh with the Mighty Minions
-we read and discussed emotions in the books "Hamish the Hairy Haggis"
-we wrote letters to our Book Buddies at Ottawa U. We focused on writing in a clear and organized way, formatting our letters properly (date, greeting, sign-off) and reflecting on our learning. We told them about the way we like to learn, the way we like to share our learning, the trickiest thing about being a student and reflected on whether or not we think boys and girls learn differently. We will talk about these topics more in class.
-we wrote Thank You notes to Gillian's class on a collaborative Google Doc. We wrote and edited our own work and our classmates' work, focusing on end punctuation, using capital letters properly and the difference between "alot" and "a lot"
-we had Reading Buddies with our grade 1 friends in Shelley E's class. Students chose whether to read from books or on the website "We Give Books"
-we practiced finding "Good Fit" books by using the "Five Finger Test" and refilled our ECLIPSE bins with 3-5 Good Fit books (and one book that would be appropriate for our Reading Buddies)
-we are continuing to track books that we read individually in our 40 Book Challenge lists
-we got some awesome Hallowe'en reading stickers from Scholastic (yes, we realize it's WAY past Hallowe'en!) and Tim noticed that each one has some word play (including our favourites, puns!)

-Because Tuesday was Giving Tuesday, we visited Kiva for the first time and made a microloan to Anahit from Armenia. We learned about how microlending works and counted by 25s to figure out how many loans we can give. We loaned 25/100 dollars or 1/4 of the money we have in our account to lend!
-Alex (Raphie's mom) came in on Tuesday. She's a teacher and Math tutor and wanted to talk with us about fractions. We practiced equivalent fractions in small groups
-we have been practicing our Math skills on IXL - working through the Number Sense tasks, starting with Place Value
-we got an Advent Calendar from Gillian and students get to find the window that corresponds with their class order number, we are starting to recognize that the shapes of the chocolate are in an A-B repeating pattern
-we brainstormed possible names for our new Lammily doll and created a survey on the Google Drive for students to vote on her title, first name, middle name and a.ka. We were excited to see the results come in and analyzed pie charts to determine her new name (Imagineer Samantha Tommy Tomkins Marshmallows aka Mr Yellow Rat Foxy Squirrel Fairy Diddle)
-students continued independent practice of place value, fractions, telling time and solving problems related to Number Sense and Measurement

-Liam's dad shared with us live footage of a new type of space shuttle, Orion, and it's trial flight. We watched the view from Orion and did some research on this new shuttle.

Social Studies

Phys Ed
-we transmogrified Weevil laBeevil on GoNoodle for the final time and printed out our completion certificate, we have a new Champ and did a LOT of dancing! We love Koo Koo Kangaroo and tweeted a picture of us doing their "Secret Handshakes". They tweeted right back at us! They challenged us to make a bigger "ice cream cone". We made one with 29 "scoops"!

-this week, a crowdfunded doll, Lammily, arrived to our classroom. We compared her to a Tinker Bell doll and talked about why young children will benefit from having different kids of toys to play with


-students made Dream Catchers

-students work with Andrew on Tuesday afternoons in Music

Learning Skills
-our Class Rules continue to be developed through a collaborative Class Meeting process. On Monday, we discussed a new system to help us "Check Ourselves" and focus, make good choices and do our best work.
-we talked about the importance of feeling safe in the classroom and being able to take risks and make mistakes
-we reviewed responsibilities for each of our Class Jobs and selected new ones

Tree Families
-our theme this month is acceptance. Our big idea is to respect and celebrate others' preferences and ideas.
-on Wednesday, we will be having our second "Tree Families Workshops"

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