Friday, 20 February 2015

What Stuck With Us - Friday, February 20th, 2015 - Snailentine's Day

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
RowanWhat stuck with me today was doing snailentines day with my class.
Oyster boyster noyster loyster I learned it is awesome to have lots of friday free time.I learned that from our class we go t lots of it!
SOPHIEI liked recess it was fun.
Raphie laffy taffywhat stuck with me today is when me and oyster made a puppet pals video.
PikachuWhat Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned Some Math How I Learned It Was Math Today.Kissing Someone That's Not In Your Family Or A Relitive Is GROSS!!!
ike what stuck with me today was when we finished one little word paintings it was really fun.
speedyi got to ride a dog and snuggle with hannah!
Lilah and spete sum wun held me spete i lrnd finishwrc .
JamesI learned that my classroom it is really hot.I learned it by getting really hot in class today.(it was hot)
Twanetta I learnt that Chile is in South America how I learnt that was Ava.C and Katie did a sharing.
Katie with speedy on my lapwe had friday free time and it was fun.-katie today i got to ride on katies stuffed dog and i learned that i love eating like caine!-speedynope.
huddy-buddyi loved pj dayaaa no!!!
ava kittySnailentine's day!
it was so fun
i love-pj day!
shanerwhat stuck with me today is when me got a bunch valentines
r r o o b b e e r r t t ! ! !n
TOMMY WOMMYI learned that when you are trying do something do not rush it it is bad I use to do it it is really badno
Owen MDToday what stuck with me was the friday free time because it was very fun.Nope.
MarikoI learned alot more abute my class mate's. from Hannea's lesin

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