Tuesday, 24 February 2015

What Stuck With You Today - Tuesday, February 24th

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
hudsoni learned how to play a new gym i"m not sure what it was called but was pretty fun it was weure there were three people they each had names the names we"er snap crackle pop and one person had to run when the leader sed snap,crackle or pop.
Owen Bubosten Delage Today what stuck with me was the math group with michelle because I learned that you can split a half in half!!!Nope.
SamI can't really remember. I liked gym because we got to do it with a different class. I listened to an author share on someone elses' Chromebook which they shared with the whole class. It was about degus whose names were Chutney, Marmelade and Pickles. They are actual real degus. Two of them are real, actually.
Oyster boyster noyster loyster I learned it is awesome to go off track sometimes. I learned that from Shauna we had lots of fun when she got phy tracked.
5 indiesToday i felt proud of my self because I finished all of my work and i became a pickle. So i got to do gym. And it was fun.
Jaq clusto Ava bunny rambo delajWe did math in class to day,
And thar was a deuge drill to day.
MarikoI learned more abut maltiplichaseun jumps. from shauna.Aaa . . . no.
TommyI learned that when you are watching a video do not disturb the awesome video it is rood no
Mrs. KatieI learned that you don't always have too add you can multiply!
I learned it by going to my math group and it was really fun but this one boy was being really mean to me.
ikewhat stuck with me today was when we did gym with Gillian's class I learned that doctor dodge ball can also be called king dodge ball that was what we played it was really
R a p h i e ( k r a k e n )what stuck with me today is when we wrote sideweird stories.
Kitty CatWhat stuck with me today was reading my story with katie!
I wish we got a lot more indoor recess:)
Twanetta What is stuck with me today is I practiced multiplication jumps. How we practiced that was people were going up to the white board and they will make a multiplication jump.
It was really fun!!!
JamsieI learned that snuggling degus is very very fun.I learned it by doing it at indoor recess.
JamsieI learned that snuggling degus is very very fun.I learned it by doing it at indoor recess.
shanerWhat stuck with me today is when we didn't go to gym but I didn't mined
graciewhat stuck with me is are pupet pals show i want to inprove.

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