Monday 30 March 2015

Hannah's Month 1 Reflections

It's only been about a month since I've been working in EPCOT class with the Gladiator Snails but it feels like it's been much longer. This is because the Gladiator Snails are always on the go and working on so many different exciting projects. Some things that I have found particularly interesting so far have been our field trip to the Museum of Nature, learning about sharks in Fiji through emails with Lauren, and getting to know Norman, Hedgwig, and Syd and their personalities within the classroom. 

Right from day 1, the students in EPCOT class have been so welcoming, helpful, and accepting, both to me and to all the other guests and volunteers who have entered the classroom. All of the Gladiator Snails have been so much fun to work with because of their curiosity and desire to learn. It's amazing to be in a school where creativity and individuality are a focus. I've also enjoyed being immersed in a classroom that uses technology to their advantage and it's amazing to see how the Gladiator Snails use tools like blogging, videos, and chrome books to expand the walls of their classroom.

I think Alternative Schools are great because students can focus on their strengths and work on projects that allow them to thrive. I think Shauna's quote, "People learn in different ways on different days" is amazing and it really shines through in her classroom. I think it's a philosophy that all educators should adopt and something I am looking forward to carrying through in my future.
I am SO excited to be able to work with the Gladiator Snails every day of the school week for the next little while. I am also looking forward to working alongside Natasha and Stephanie and getting to know them better. I am becoming much more comfortable in the classroom, and now that I have a grasp on the personality of the class, I can't wait to get to know the personality of everyone who makes up room 209! 

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