Monday 23 March 2015

What Stuck With Us Today? Monday, March 23rd, 2015

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
IndiWell I learned that at this farm they only feed the hens/females not the roosters/males so the hens make and lay the eggs that we eat!!.
And that they mix different mixture of foods.
At the farm they have 3000 000/3 million chickens/hens and they lay 2400 000/2.4 million a day.(can you believe that ) NO WAY!!!
and shauna is AWESOME!!!
Tim1.stephanie and Natasha are student teachers that came in today. They are nice and have a cool way of playing UNO. They help out with things if you need them.

1. The hens sing when they lay an egg
2. Creyton family farm has 3 million chickens (holy camole!) and every day all 3 million chickens lay 2 400 000 eggs
3. A boy chicken is a rooster and a girl chicken is a hen
Ava .b.we lernd a bot chicens ....
RowanI really liked the activity about getting to know each other that Stephanie and Natasha planned for us. It was really fun. Her are 3 fun facts about chickens:
1.When a hen lays an egg, she starts singing, as if she is proud of herself.
2.The Creighton brothers farm has 3000 000 chickens and they lay about 2 400 000 eggs a day.
3. They grind the mix of feed so that chickens can't just choose whatever they want.
Today I really liked doing the virtual field trip with the Creighton brothers' farm.
Owen M Delage I really liked the game that the knew teachers did. It was a game where you picked a number and when it was your turn you would say the number you had of things about yourself. I learned that each day 2,400,000 eggs are laid by chickens. Chickens are born both male and female, like snails. No.
MarikoI love playing the Uno card game because i got to learn about my classmates and Natasha and Stephanie.

Did you know ...
The farmers mix fat in chicken food.
Chickens take what they want out of the food, so you have to grind the food together so they eat all of it.
Hens sing when they lay eggs.
shanerI learned that our student teachers stephanie's sister is 12 years younger. natasha has a younger sister. on the egg farm there are 3,000,000 chickens and 2,400,000 eggs a day. when a hen lays a egg its really happy. they only feed the hens.
ikewhat stuck with me today was when we watched the video about chickens I learned that the farmers that work at the farm grind the chicken feed so the chickens don`t get all the unhealthy stuff. I also learned that chicken manure that the chicken`s produce is shipped to places where the dirt isn't good and they need it. I also learned that chickens can eat beans and corn. we also have some new student teachers.
TOMMY WOMMYThere was two people who are student teacher I liked it when we played the name game it was awesome.
We watched a live video of the egg farm. They only feed the hens because they need to lay the eggs. They have 2 400 000 eggs per day. They have three million hens. The Hens dance when they lay an egg it is crazy.The chicks like to explore when they are old enough.we went to the library it was so so fun and awesome!!!
SamWe played a fun card game with Natasha and Stephanie.

We watched a Virtual Field Trip. It was at Creighton Brothers Farm. I learned that they put the poop on plants to fertilize them. I liked when they told us about how many chickens there were and how many eggs they lay. When a chicken lays an egg, it's so proud, it sings.
GracieI like it when....
They were explaining the lesson well.
Next time....
They can be more strict.
The 3 things i learned from the egg lesson was...
1 When the mother lase a egg it is proud of its work so it starts to sing.
2 They have to make the hen room warm so the eggs can come out.
3 They have 3000000 chickens on there farm
Katie the ladyWe saw a live virtual egg farm field trip here's the things i learned:
-there is 22 buildings on the farm
-everything is natural
-the chickens pick out the favorite foods of the other foods
-the people that feed the chickens smash up their food so that the chickens get all the protein they are supposed to.
The student teachers were good and i liked the game because i got to tell my class about me and learn about them!but next time it should be quieter that i can hear my classmates better.I also learned a lot about how a chick grows but if i tell you about it my hands will be so tired of typing that my hands will fall off!
AlexanderAt a farm, the farm has 3 000 000 chickens. The farm is called Crayton Brothers. Chickens eat a lot of wheat because they`re the ones who need to survive by eating wheat.

Natasha and Stephanie are awesome. I really like volleyball like Stephanie.
The cruise I went on had everything. It had a universal lounge, a swimming pool, and a water park, and an area for sports. The awesomest uncle in the world came on it.
LilahThe chickens lay 2,400,000 eggs a day.
The farm has 3,000,000 chickens.
In the feed there are lime rocks.

I liked the game because we got to tell people in our class about you, or if you got the wild card you would be able to ask a question to Natasha and Stephanie!
Ava I Like stephanie and natasha's game i think they will be really good teachers.We went on a video field trip and learned about chickens the from's name is called Creighton brothers we stopped for a break and missed a lot of the video
1.They feed the hens more because the hens lay eggs and there eggs are yummy
2.3 million chickens
3. 2.4 million eggs each day
@fatcat613 aka:Oy What I liked for Stephanie and Natasha: I liked the awesome game we played!!!

Egg farm what I learned:
1.There are 3 million chickens in the creighton brothers chicken farm!!!
2.The chickens lay enough eggs a year to go around the world 1 and a third times WOW!
3.Hens sing when the lay an egg because of how proud they are of what they did!
Twanetta I learned from the egg farm video was...
-They only feed hens not rooster's
-They have 3,000,000 chickens on the farm
-The corn look's different when it's cooked and when it's not
I liked it how you made a new game with the cards and at the same time we were learning fact about each other.
Pikachu 20151 Idea From Our New Student Teachers They Are AWESOME. 3 Things I Learned From The Egg Farm:At The Farm Their Are 3000000 Chickens and The Chickens Lay 2400000 Eggs Everyday,The Creighton Farm Is A Family Farm Since 1925,And They Feed The Hens(Girl Chickens) They Don't Feed The Roosters(Boy Chickens). I Learned French Today How I Learned It Was French.No

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