Monday, 30 March 2015

Stephanie's Week 1 Reflections

First blog post- hooray! This first week in EPCOT class has been funtastically awesome.  The Gladiator Snails, Shauna, and all the staff have been super welcoming, and very helpful in helping me to become familiar with the school, and the classroom routines. Day 1 we played  get-to-know-you UNO, where I learned a few things about each student (including their names!), and my fellow student teacher Natasha! The following day we started doing A Book of Awesome, so I was able to learn more awesome things about the gladiator snails! I even learned the clever and funny way they got their name.  Additionally, I learned that they're super great dancers as they performed so amazingly in gym class to Uptown Funk!  I also went on a few tours this past week, where I was given a tour of the school by two awesome tour guides (Thank you Katie & Raphie!); we took a virtual tour of a Chicken farm; and I was given a tour of the twitterverse! 
 It has been really great being able to see how the gladiator snails are such active and informed global citizens in how they help with Ryan's Well,  and how a little act of kindness can go a long way when we #wearyellowforseth. 

I'm super excited to continue my learning adventures in EPCOT class! (:

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