Thursday, 12 March 2015

What Stuck With Us: Tuesday, March 11th and Thursday, March 12th (+Sharks!)

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
Lilah We learned a lot abawt sharks i wos fon.
Owen. DWhat stuck with with me today was the second recess because there was a big fight about coloured ice.NNNOOOPPPEEE!!!
Jaq clusto Ava bunny rambo delajmath...
robert the scientecti learend about sharks
Timwhat stuck with me today is me missing my recess time because of how much work I had
MarikoI learned a lot about sharks and baby Alice came today.
Ava catI learned a lot about sharks,did know that stingrays are the cousins of sharks!learning about sharks is really fun did you I did not really like both recesses.
R a p h i e ( k r a k e n )What stuck with me today is when we played a chicken game where we had to play rock paper scissors and you started in a egg and then a chicken and then a dinosaurs and the a superhero and it was a lot of fun.
IndiWhat stuck with me was that I almost finished everything in my ketchup, only 2 left and I am almost a pickle. Oh yeah
SamalamaIt was interesting to do Kid Citizens because you could post pictures on it and draw a picture of your family. You posted pictures of food.
gracieI learned a lot about sharks like that girl sharks are bigger then boy sharks.
Sophie 2015I had a good time at art club it really stuck to me.EPCOT class is awesome...From Sophie!!!
@fatcat613 aka:Oy I learned a lot about sharks I learned that from a awesome website sharks 4kids. It was awesome!!!
robert the scientecti learend about sharks
miss KatieWe did a video to lauren (shauna's cousin that is trying to save the sharks)WE had to say at least 3 facts about sharks but I did 10!Tomorrow is crazy hair day!!!
ikewhat stuck with me today was when me today was when we learned about sharks I learned that baby lemon sharks have belly buttons.
TOMMY WOMMYWhat stuck with me is that we were doing a shark play and we only did about 6 people in the video but we're going to already send it to Shauna's cousin. Her name is Lauren. I did the video. What also stuck with me is that we did a lot of basketball in gym today. It was fun but I need to work on my passing at home.
JamesI learned a lot about sharks. I learned it by doing a presentation to the class, it was really fun because we had a lot of fun doing the presentation.
Twanetta I learnt A LOT about sharks how I learnt it was we got to do a show about sharks I didn't get to go yet tho. :(
shanerI learned shark facts from my classmates
huddy-buddyi loved gym because we played basket ball!!!aaa no!!!
Pikachu 2015What Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned Some Language How I Learned It Was Language Today.No
Ava catI liked doing pencil art and i liked out door tree family.
R a p h i e ( k r a k e n )what stuck with me is when we went outside and we got to do cool activities!!! and it was awesome!
indiWE did not do math
Marikowe went outside 3 times for tree families and we did art with Tiu's class.
JamesI learned that pencils can be a lot of fun to play with and create things with markers. I learned it by doing a project with Tiiu's class and we had a lot of fun with pencils. We had a hunt for pencils.
RowanWhat stuck with me today was making pencils and decorating them with Tiiu's class for a collaborative project in barcelona.
ikewhat stuck with me today was when we did outdoor play
shanerI practiced on art with tiiu's class
OysterI learned it is awesome to do activities with our tree families. we had lots of fun!
gracieI learned that anything can be a craft today today we decratid a pencel.
Owen Stowen Fowen DelageToday what stuck with me was learning that tiiu`s class messed up are chromebooks. It is all worked out now.Nope.
Jaq clusto Ava bunny rambo delajWe wer weriting on pensls.nope.
PikachuWhat Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned Some Art How I Learned It Was Art With Tiiu's Class Had Art With Us Today.Everything Pikachu Can Say:Pi,Pika,Chu,Cha,Pikachu. I Am Pretty Sure No Other Pikachu Saying's.
TOMMY WOMMYWe did a lot of fun stuff. It was really fun and we were doing a project with a lot of pencils. You had to get a pencil and decorate it. I decorated mine light green and dotted green with green tape in the middle. We also tree family outdoor day today. I did a lot of activities like stuff you would do in gym.
Twanetta I learned that there's a project that the world is doing and we got to decorate the pencils on the pencils they need your name and the city of where you live so we all put Ottawa.
Mrs. Katie the ladyWe went to tiiu's class and made pencils for a project in barcelona where they need decorated pencils to make one huge pencil!nope.
Sophie 2015there was a awesome corse.EPCOT is awesome!!!
hudsoni loved gym!!!aaa no

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