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What Stuck With Us - February 27th-March 3rd

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
RowanWhat stuck with me today was counting all the stairs in the museum of nature. I learned that there were things that looked like icicles that grow in caves. I learned that moose antlers fall off every year and then they regrow. no
Owen M Delage Today what I learned at the museum were:
1. Thing I learned at the museum was that the earth is made up of eight main elements: Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Aluminium, Silicon, and Oxygen.
JamesI learned that blubber on polar bears is very very warm.I learned that Rocks and minerals cost a lot of money.
ikewhat stuck with me today was when we went to the nature museum I learned that beavers eat bark. I also learned that if animals cross a rushing river they go across the shallow part. I also learned three types of volcanoes.
shanerToday I was lifting rocks to see what had more dense. Today I was looking at animals and they looked freaky. Today I was playing hide and go seek and i liked the rat in the tunnel
speedyI learned that sleeping all day is fun.
I learned it by Caine my brother showing me.
I love running!
Ava catMy favorite exhibit was the water exhibi because i liked the fish and the boat . it was really cool when we got to see the snails mating.
i learned there is a crystal that people used to think was gold it a square cube.
gracie1 I was couting stairs i lerned to cut in a diffrent wa.
2 I lerned that some stars tern into rocks.
3 lerned a new tipe of fish.
CaineI learned that I should stop biting then I can cuddle with Katie all day!I LOVE FUD!
Jaq clusto Ava bunny rambo delajI lernd that sum dinorsors you can toch,
And I
Sophie ster march 3, 2015I learned more about moos they shed there antlers
Marikowhen we went to the ...
KatieThese are the things I learned:
-That there is a special kind of rat in caves but I forgot the species name.
-That a rock (mineral)can be any color.
-Sometimes you have to look at something twice to understand
Twanetta I learned or did was...
-I got to see a lot of enormous snail's and 2 were mating.
-I also learnt that snails can be about 5 cm.
-I learnt how to get on the drive from home. How I learnt that was Shauna showed us.
Likachu3 Things I Did At The Museum Today Are-I Saw The Big Jelly Fish Brain Thingemicdoodle-I Went To The Water Exhibit And Went Inside The Submarine-And I Went Inside The Cave In The Rocks And Minerals Exhibit. Those Are 3 AWESOME Things I Did At The Museum With My Group. No
TOMMY WOMMYI learned that when I was going down to the movies, you had to pay and I learned how not to go down to the basement for nothing. We also went to a workshop with soil, we put soil in a coffee filter then put it in the strainer and we put the sand in and poured water from a cylinder. My favourite exhibit was when we went in the rocks and minerals because there was a cave there and it was really fun. no
huddy-buddyat the museum we played in hidey holes and we watched movies!!!aaa no!!!
TimI learned that a baby I know named leo now knows his name. SO if you clap, say his name, or even just say his name he will turn to you. I also learned that March break is soon! I looked at our calendar this morning and I noticed that it was almost March Break.
JamsieI learned that Isaac can sing the song only until where yako says spain. it was really fun to watch because he's very fast at it.
samersI learned that Leo likes to lick a mirror when he sees himself.
R a p h i e ( k r a k e n )what stuck with me today is when 5 of us went up to the library with my mom and we practiced math and the question I got stuck on well actually there were a few that I got stuck on the money won where we have to count up money but after we count up a certain amount we have to put a bit more until we got up to that amount.
MarikoThe library and baby Leo stuck with me today. The books I borrowed from the library are called The Mysteries of UFOs and the other was Dragonology. Baby Leo changed a lot this month.
Jaq clusto Ava bunny rambo delajI dont
shanerI practised more on my multiplication tables. I practiced more on my kid citizens
Lilahtowrow we are going on a feld trip to the nachr myoseam and i am vare hapee :)
normanwhat stuck with me is that i really want to get better at math.
ike what stuck with me today was when we did math groups I learned that explaining your thinking is a great way to show your Ideas.
Sophie ster march 2, 2014I loved to see Leo he is so fun to do things with and so good to watch. We did a green light.
Alexander«i Everything because today was awesome. and my favorite things was building a fort outside for second recess and math. because i got to draw a short horse and a short cowboy.I am going on a carnival cruise and it has a game show and a waterpark and all you can eat buffet and it goes to the Bahamas. Which is a humongous beach.
Katie the ladyI learned a bit more about litres and measurement.
gracieWhat stuck with me is norman he is so cute and fluffy.
RowanWhat stuck with me today was going to French with Gillian's class because it was different than what we normally do. I also liked drawing my family tree on the arm of my Canadian citizen.
HedwigI learned that sometimes humans are weird and crazy.I learned it by Tim taking me off my shelf and putting this weird stick right next to me and he wrote down
Twanetta I practiced singing NATION'S OF THE WORLD. How I practiced that was we were on the carpet and we got tho practice. Also I learnt that a LETER is a bag of milk. We did a thing where you would tell what a meter, a cm and a LETER.
Ava catI learned some multiplication jumps and word problems
It was fun when leo came in!
PikachuWhat Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned Some French How I Learned It Was French.No
huddy-buddyi liked recess and frenchaaa no!!!(:(:(:
tommyWhat stuck with me is there were Ottawa U visitors coming in to see how our class learns. We told them a lot of things. I told them how check yourself works.

What also stuck with me is that Gillian's class came in to do French with us and it was fun. We watched a show with Tiiu's class in French.
SydI learned what math jumps are.At first I had trouble,But then my friend Katie helped me and then I understood.Bye!
Timwhat stuck with me today is one bully video me and my class watched and our skating trip today
robertwe went skating and shauna made me do nations of the world
we went skating and we did nations of the world and it's hard
R a p h i e ( k r a k e n )what stuck with me today is when we had to practice Yakos nation of the world. We had to try and learn a lot of the verses(we already memorised the first 3 verses) and Shauna sent an email to our family that you have to practice on the weekend.
we also saw a person sing with no speeding up and he actually did the exact same speed!!!
JamsieI learned hat Shauna can be really annoying.I learned it by getting really annoying homework about nations of the world.We have to learned the part that we made for the Kid citizens that we made. I learned that bullying can be really mean and nasty because we watched a video that showed a little noodle guy that was getting pushed around everywhere and a big guy with his two assistants.
MarikoI learned More of the anoying song we had to learn! I also learned the song/video called The bully dance.
shanerI practiced when i fell and i practiced to never give up. I learned that I should speak loud in a play
TOMMY WOMMYWhat is stuck is that I went skating with my class and I kept getting wet because I kept falling because i lost balance but it was awesome!!! We also did Canadian Citizens. It's when we trace someone and then you write your family on your paper. I have a mom, a dad and two sisters and a
LilahToday is friday i we practst nashins of the wrld
RowanWhat stuck with me today was finishing my math word problem book. It made me feel good that I learned something new in math. In skating I learned how to lift one foot up while skating.
Oyster boyster noyster loyster coyster foysterI learned a really cool (annoying for grown-ups) song that was called "Nations of the world" and if you know about kid citizens everyone has to find there kid citizen country and sing that verse I had the hardest verse DARN!!! but people that don't have a country in the song (because it was made in the 1990's and some country's now did not exist) had to sing the whole song (ha Raphie and Ike!) :)!!!Yes if anyone finds this video try to sing the whole thing like Raphie and Ike!
gracieI learned that skating can be fun if you think great about it. and that if you want to have friends then do not be so conpettive
Owen Bubosten Delage Today what stuck with me was when we went skating because I really improved my skating. I also practiced a cool song called: The nations of the world.No.
SamI learned that in skating each time you fall you get back up.I had a weird day because I had one different skate
KTI learned that when I should skate without warming up.Because If I do I will fall.Today I have homework and my homework is to memorize the nations of the world(its a song).I also learned that the nations of the world was playing in 1999
Twanetta I learned part of the NATIONS OF THE WORLD, how I learnt that was we are doing a sharing and we got to practice it. Also I practiced my skating how I practiced my skating was we went skating today!!! Shauna didn't come. :(
ikewhat stuck with me today was when we went skating I learned that skating is one of my favorite. what stuck with me today was when we went skating I learned that skating is one of my favorite sports. and at reading buddies I also learned that my reading buddy really likes magic tree house.
AlexanderSkating. I had so much fun that I really want to do it again. It was awesome. It was so fun. I loved it. I loved it. I loved it. It was so fun. Bye!I`m going on a cruise called Carnival Cruise and it`s taking me and my family to the Bahamas. 

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