Thursday 15 January 2015

What Stuck With Us - January 14th and 15th, 2015

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
IndiI got bit by cane the degu. I thought that he thought my fingers were carrots. He bit my thumb and between my thumb and indexct finger.
Tim/rad chadI learned how to play volleyball and a teacher in my school teached me and I also learned how to set up a gonoodle acount
rilove the gym game
Raphie laffy taffyWhat stuck with me today is when we did language arts and we had to do our one word resolution. And it made me feel great
Owen. DToday what stuck with me today was friday free time because it was so long!!! Today I learned a knew game called clean your room. In clean your room the gym was split up into two sides and each side had to throw all the balls to the other side with shannon the teacher!!!Nope.
LilahI learned how to play volleyball and Shannon taught me during our gym time. Our classes switched teachers for our gym when Shauna was reading a book to Shannon's class.No.
miss Katie the LadyI learned thinking of things that you are good at is really hard.I learned it by writing at least 7 things that i am good at and 5 things that i am bad at.And after that set your positive goal in the middle of the page.We did a little bit of volleyball in the gym with a different teacher named shannon and it was very fun.We had 74 minutes of free time because we did last weeks free time and this weeks free time.
Ava Cattyou could call me Av.

Volley ball!
i learned how to throw a ball in volley ball!!!
RowanI had fun doing my one little word new years resolution. My word was calm. I also really enjoyed playing volleyball in gym. Shannon said that she wants to have us spend gym class with her again. I do too.
MarikoI learned how to build a solar panel robot with Ali. We played volleyball in gym with Shannon.Nope
graciewhat is stuck with me is my teacher i love her and i hope i have her next year.
Sammyaha! Im going to my
Toni MacoroniI got to play with the degus and I am degu duty.I learned about a lot of stuff.I had fun doing the thing when you had to think of a word that you want to work on this year!!!
Sophie the bunnythat we learned how to hit a volleyball. I learned it from Shannon. I really am excited to finish One Little Word.
JamesI learned a lot about volleyball. It was fun with Shannon in the gym. I l learned it by Shannon teaching us how to hit the ball with our hands. It was a bit hard and it sometimes hurt because some of the balls were a bit hard. It was a lot of fun.
Liam The PikachuWhat Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned VolleyBall How I Learned It Was Shannon Taught It To Us Today!!!PIKA!!! PIKA!!! PIKA!!!
tommyToday what stuck with me is when we do Free Time we have to clean up fast or else if it's at the end of the day we have to clean up fast or we'll miss the bus if we're on the bus.
shaneI learned that when clay hardens it very breakable. no thanks.
ikeWhat stuck with me today was when we down in the gym and did some volleyball with a teacher named Shannon. I learned how to serve a volleyball it hurt the first time I did it because I hit it with my knuckles.
IndiraI learned in Tree Families that when bullies tease you it is not your problem it is theres Roy told me.
Raphie laffy taffywhat stuck with me today is when genevieve came in and taught us math when we had to tell the time. im not sure if this counts (: ): (: ): (: ):
LilahWhats is stuck with me is that wen we had grop snac and that Genevieve kam in to are klas room.I thick we thod go for a feld trip to get a petker .
Sophie the bunnyI learned how to tell time from Genevieve. I also learned that the bigger hand is the minute hand and the smaller hand is the hour hand. I was wondering if we could have a spa day because it would be fun, but no smelly perfumey makeup!
Owen. DWhat stuck with me today was when Jenevieve came in to teach us math. I learned a cool clock game where Jenevieve would tell us a time then we would have to make it in a human clock!!!I wish we could go on a field trip to the Nature Museum.
RowanWhat stuck with me today was learning about time with Genevieve as our teacher. I also think that reading Mookie the monkey in our tree families.
Liam The PikachuWhat Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned A Lot More Stuff About Time How I Learned It Was Genavieve Taught It To Us I Want To Say A BIG Thank You To Genevieve For Spending Time To Teach Us Time THANKS SOOO MUCH!!! IT WAS LOTS OF FUN!!! SUPAR SUPAR SUPAR BIG TIME!!! Whew I Am Tired From Writing So Bye Yall!!! Not Today!!!
Robertoi learned about clocks with Genevieve and my class and i loved the gonoodle.
T.C.P.M timothy cole patrick milsom I learned more about the oceans.I learned it from my math.
avaSguess witch Ava i am ! I learned how to tell time in real life like people doing the numbers and min and hour handI would really like to go to the spa with the class.
POP SEE KO : the dots mean repeat in piano
KTI learned some facts about the clock and learning how to look at a clock and just to know what time it is.
I learned why balloons hover on the ceiling.
Genevieve came in too and she is really nice and i think she will make a great teacher one day.
could we make our own cupcakes as a field trip?
MarikoI learned how to tele time from Genevieve and we played kind of a time game. We should have a field trip at the spa, because it sounds hilarious.
shaneI learned a little bit more about time. no thanks
ikeWhat stuck with me today was that Genevieve, a student teacher, told us about time. I learned permanently how to tell time because before I was having a little trouble with it. I felt really happy because finally knew how to tell time. can we go on a field trip to a movie theater with popcorn and drinks!
Oyster boyster noyster loyster coyster foyster joysterI learned that you can do lots of fun things with a clock. I learned that from Genevieve and she was teaching us about a clock and the Gladiator Snails had lots of fun. I felt happy and I enjoyed it a lot.MMMYYY hands are high my feet are low and this is how I popseeko :) :) :)
ToniIt was very fun with Jenevieve because we learned about clocks and we made a clock on the carpet we played a game with the clock.Can we go on a field trip to the museum of nature.
tommyGenevieve - I'm gonna give her some feedback. I liked it when you were talking in a clear voice, I also liked it when you were doing the clock thing, it was fun. Next time, you should, if people are fooling around, you should make them check themselves.
graciewhat is stuck with me is how genived talt. i loved how she did it.
JamesI learned a lot about clocks, minute hands and hour hands. They're really hard to remember so we got a lot of tricks to remember the minute hand and hour hand. I learned it by Genevieve putting all the numbers on a clock and using a metre stick and two metre sticks attached together with pieces of tape and we did a little test to see how much we knew about clocks and stuff like that.

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