Thursday 8 January 2015

What Stuck With Us Today? Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Another terrific day in EPCOTclass. The Gladiator Snails are becoming so responsible and independent. 

To start our day: We had great conversations about news that we received in an email from the New York Times - school is out in many US districts because of below 0 temperatures. We were surprised by this and talked about what Farenheit and Celsius mean. We learned about foie gras and a judge overturning a rule that made it illegal to sell. We were sad to see that fewer children in the US are reading books for fun, according to a report by Scholastic. We re-committed to our 40 book goal and tracked our progress (we should each be done nearly 20 by now!). We learned about an architect who is one of a dozen Lego Certified Builders in the world who is unveiling new projects based on Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings today. His determination was impressive to us when we heard he was looking for one specific Lego piece and he visited 10 different stores and spent more than $300 on sets to get enough copies of it!

Read below to see how what Gladiator Snails learned today!
What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
TimI learned how to treat a dog
MarikoI learned how to meet a new dog. Merlen the dog came
Raphie (kraken)what stuck with me today is when merlin came In and he showed us tricks
tommyI learnt a lot of stuff about dogs. The dog did a lot of tricks.
IndiraI learned that Merlin can pray for food
I learned that I can work well if i focus.
no no no
SophieI learned how to treat a dog. 1 ask the owner to make sure the dog is friendly. 2 let the dog sniff you. 3 pet the dog. thank you!!!
RowanWhat stuck with me today was seeing Merlin doing some tricks. They were awesome! My favourite trick he did was the one where he gave Nancy a high five.
KatieMerlins tricks and how we did the west,north,east and south.
Merlin is a really cool dog.He prays and if his owner says do you want to do homework or die and then he pretends to be dead.
West,east,north and south is a survey like math surveys.
there is some bullying going on in Tiiu's class.
just beware.
JAMES ARTHURSI learned a lot about dogs today it was a lot of fun. I love the tricks merlin did (that was the dog that came into our class).
LilahA dog namd mrlind kam in are klas room
Robertoi am happy
Owen. DToday I learned that dogs can be a mix of breeds!!! I also liked the tricks that Merlin did. Nope.
Ava .b.that we are in north America . no
ike what stuck with me today was volly ball in gym I learned that you hit the ball with the edge of your hand not your palm
Oyster boyster noyster loyster What stuck with me was that there are such thing as therapy dogs I know that because merlin a dog came into our classroom and he was a therapy dog.
ToniI learned directions like south,west or north,east.Jeramy help as to tell if we did it right.Merlin was so so so fun today especially when he did the tricks!!!
LiamWhat Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned How To Approach A Dog I Learned That From Nancy.Maybe Um No So Bye
shaneI learned how to go up 1.ask the owner2 let the dog sniff your hand3 pet away. nancy told us that.
Ava catMERLIN he is the nicest dog i have met i liked his tricks i hope he liked the story i read him.:Dog don't do ballet!I learned how you meet a dog you have never met.:)
graciemerlin the dog i loved him he was so cute.
hudsoni loved the dog!!!aaa NO!!!

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