Friday, 23 January 2015

What Stuck With Us Today? Friday, January 23rd, 2015

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
SammyI learned about mountain goats. We were watching a movie about it.
JamesI had lots of fun today. I had fun writing what I do in the morning and when I go to school. It was fun writing it because it was easy and I drew some underwear on the page where I wrote about getting dressed.
MarikoI learned that telling time can be kind of easy sometimes and I planned tomorrow in a book.Nope.
graciewhat stuck with me is i can t wate to go to orlando.
TOMMYWe watched a movie called north america it was awesome it is about north
TimI learned some of the movie north america
hudsoni learned about north america i watched a movieaaa NO!!!
roboterwhat stuck with me is i learned that coding is AWESOME!
LilahThat it is friday :) :0 no
Raphie laffy taffywhat stuck with me today is when we watched a documentary on nature and I learned That out there stuff if CANNIBALS!!!
SophieI did not get to do the fireflies.
ikewhat stuck with me today was when we watched the north america video I learned that mountain goats grow a fur coat during the winter. I learned that from the video.
miss KatieToday we did a book about our day and It was was pajama day too.
I wore my favorite pajama and it says DANCE LIKE NOBODYS WATCHING.
We watched a movie called north america and it was really fun.
I also brought 2 of my 3 favorite stuffed animals.
not todayyy!!!
Oyster boyster noyster loyster I learned that coding is AWESOME! I learned that from me doing coding. I felt enjoyed
Ava catWas the movie and the degus i learned some stuff in the movie! i also liked the sharing i did and i will bring totoro in
Pr. Owen M DelageLearning that we are going to have a guest teacher on monday & that Gracie and Raphie are going away. It won't be the same without them.Nope.
Twanetta I learned a little more about we day and that they have a big celebration.
shanerI learned killer whales eat whales. no thanks
Liam The PikachuWhat Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned More About Time How I Learned It Was IXL Math!!! Also It Was PJ Day!!! Yea!!!NO!!!
huddy-buddyi loved pajama day!!!aaa no!!!

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