Wednesday 21 January 2015

What Stuck With Us Today - Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
MarikoI learned how inuit dress and what they eat. I learned this from a computer thing called Eco Kids. Me and Rowan and a classmate in Aynsley's class, Alina, we wrote about Inuit clothing and I wrote about what bison teeth was used to. They were used for making necklaces.
ikewhat stuck with me today was when we did the inuit research with aynsley's class I learned what pit houses are.
INDIIn the sharing, Ti├Ču`s class did a hamster exercise dance. Somebody would say....hide, the cat is coming or run, in your ball. It was really funny. They were tired. My teacher from last year,Alena` s class did a hip hop dance. The music was funny. One of her students did a spin. We did some time problems with Genevieve. I found it really hard. We did a project with Ainsley s class which was also hard. I was disappointed and sad because I didn't get to see the kinders because of the sharing in the gym instead of tree families.
TimI learned more about the inuit.
and that I am better at reading then I thot.
robert bobert sobert gobert cobert mobertansley's class came over to do some work on inuit, i worked with Quin and we did shelter on inuit.
Dr. Owen M DelageToday what stuck with me today was the math lesson with genevieve. even thou I did not do very good, I still liked it. Nope.
TommyWe were gathering up with Aynsley's class and me, James and someone in Aynsley's class called Brett were doing something about Inuits. We were learning about their food. They had a lot of things that they were hunting. The bison had a lot of, there was an image about the bison, they had a lot of things that the Inuit used with its body, such as bladder were used for waterproof bags and the fat was used for putting in sausages to make it juicier.
Sophie fishI got to see Ashley's class it was fun. I am a little disappointed becus my class was noisy!..
LilahI read a link about a inuit and we went together with aynsleys class.
And it was fun.
graciei like it when i got to spend time with dia.
Oyster boyster noyster loyster coyster foyster joysterI learned about Inuit food today.I learned that from Shauna she gave us an assignment for looking up Inuit facts. I enjoyed it.
Twanetta I learned MORE about inuit life and I loved doing the slide show but I am not done.Genevieve's math lesson was so so so fun!!!
RowanWhat stuck with me today was making an inuit slideshow with a buddy from Aynsley's class. My buddy was named Alia.
sammyI learned about inuit clothing. no
hudsoni liked no
JamesI learned a lot of stuff about Inuit. We did it on our Chromebooks with Aynsley's class. I was with Tom and Brett. We were pretty good workers, but sometimes fooled around. I learned it by doing it on my Chromebook with Brett and Tom, which I sort of already told you.
Liam The PikachuWhat Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned About Inuit Food How I Learned It Was We Did A Article On Inuit Food!!!NO!!!
shanerI learned that Inuits trids have different clothing.
miss Katie the LadyI had a great time with Aynsleys class.We had to choose a theme about inuits.Me and my buddy Sidney choose inuit clothing and we were done really fast.Today was sharing day too.I played in ukulele club there was recorders ,violin,guitar and dancing.Every class presented something but ours didn't.We sang goodbye to Lise in french because she is not going to teach us french anymore.
nope dopee!!!

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