Thursday, 22 January 2015

What Stuck With Us Today - Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
Dr. Owen M DelageToday what stuck with me was that we only have 4 minutes of free time.Nope.
Merlin came in today and I noticed from last time and this time he always likes me. He always kisses me all the time. And I think he is adorable. He has a spiny back because he is not fat.

Merlin is a very happy dog. If you have problems reading and you are shy, he is a good dog to be with.
KTToday we had math and it was actually fun.Merlin the funny dog was here too and I got to read to read to him and he also tried to lik my face and put his head in my lap.(he did some tricks too)nopedopeee!
MarikoI learned that telling time isn't that easy. I learned that from going to Michelle's for Math.
isaacwhat stuck with me today was when we read to merlin the therapist dog I learned that merlin loves to be read too.
OysterI learned about math booklets and I went over what I did in my day. I learned this from me doing my booklets. I enjoyed it.
Raphie laffy taffywhat is stuck with me today is when we I did lise's retirement tips and I going to tease her about when your done go to a old folks home.
AliRecess because I played Star Wars with some of my friends at first and second recess.
Sophie ster that merlin came it is exciting to see merlin.
shanerI learned baby's can eat lots of fruit's when there about 9 months
Twanetta I learned even more about time! I had fun doing the book about our day the sad part was I didn't finish I had to do something else with Raphie.
Liam The PikachuWhat Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned More Volly Ball Skylls How I Learned It Was Shannon Taught It To Us!!!NO!!!
RowanWhat stuck with me today was learning about 24 hour time with Michelle in my math group.
TOMMYWell, a visitor came in. His name was Merlin. He's a dog. He is trained to help people who need some care and some happiness, I guess. And he right now is reading, someone in my class is reading him a book and he is a very nice dog.
Ava catBaby Alice she is so so CUTE!!!, merlin is to merlin is a dog that works with kids . Are class is reading to him once in a while on thursdays!Tomorrow i will remember to bring my sharing.
LilahI had a fun day. I got to see Merlin and Alice! I learned not to step on a baby. Cause Alice almost got stepped on. She got bumped in to.
Ava catmath was stuck with me I learned a lot and improved my math skills!
I learned it by working really hard and it was easy and hard.I learned because i focused and worked hard.
I think people can only have the meditation balls if they are quiet with them on the carpet and people can ask for them when the person ois done.Also people shoulld   

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