Friday, 30 January 2015

What We Did This Week - January 26th-30th, 2015

Special volunteers this week:
-We had Jeremy and Sue to help with work. My mom came to help with Tree Families. We have people joining us for skating - Mutsumi, Michael, Graeme, Patrick, Gerard and Silvia -Lilah

-we went up to the library and got books. - Ike
-we are continuing to work on our #OneLittleWord projects. 
-we did Free Writing where we could write about anything we wanted -Ike
-we made a book for Lise and we wrote about what she can do when she's retired and we'll miss her. I wrote that she can go to an island and meet sharks and drink from coconuts. It was just cute. We made a pretend page from the degus. They said, "Now you won't kick our ball anymore!". Lise thought it was really funny! -Sophie
-when we were on the carpet, Shauna gave us each one strand of spaghetti that wasn't cooked. She showed us that since we couldn't go to gym because there was another class in there. She showed us that she was proud that we didn't just snap like a raw spaghetti, but we were flexible like a cooked spaghetti -Rowan

-if you're practicing IXL at home, make sure grade 3s are working on "O and P" and grade 4s are working their way through "O, K, and L". Don't forget, if you're logging on at home, you need to add "@churchillps" to your username!
-We are working on our little books about what daily life is like in Canada at nine different times of the day.
-So, we have a book and we either can pick a weekend or a week day and it's about time. Day book. We are going to share our books that we made with people from different places. - Ava Cat
-we are exploring area and perimeter - on Tuesday, we played with pattern blocks and discovered how to calculate area of one block and two blocks put together in a composite shape. Some people were surprised that they couldn't just add the perimeters of their two separate shapes to discover the perimeter of a composite shape.
-we're making these maps to create a really cool park with a bunch of activities that people can go it. The total area is 100 units squared. Each attraction can be 10 square units. You can use 10 attractions. You have to have 40 square units of green space. I know we are doing "Me on the Map", but only Ava Cat and I know what that is - Oyster

Social Studies
-we are continuing to explore  "Project Explorer" and are going to be doing a lot with this website this month. 
-we watched two Canada videos on Project Explorer and discussed what we learned with Gillian's class. We were interested to learn that curling was invented in Scotland! We voted on our favourite maple syrup treats and shared memories of visiting the Sugar Bush.

-on Friday, Alena and Anthony will be coming in for our biology/3D printing firefly workshop
-we're doing the, they are humongous like robot fireflies - Ali

Phys Ed
-in Gym, we played a modified version of World Domination that was purposefully unfair. We talked about how there are some real situations in life that are unfair and even though someone or one group has an advantage or a disadvantage, it doesn't mean we can predict exactly what will happen
-we did a lot of Phys Ed in the past, we did World Domination with very not working teams. Unfair teams. I was the only one on my team. I never got off the team. We did it to be interesting -Tom
-I'm pretty sure our favourite game is World Domination -Shaner

-we learned about Brain Gym and how some simple movements connect the two sides (hemispheres) of our brains and help us focus and think. We practiced Cross Crawl, Lazy 8s and doing tiny Lazy 8s on our friends' backs
-In Brain Gym, if our brains are wiggly waggly and we need to calm down, you can do Lazy 8s by putting your head on your shoulder and draw 8s like they're lying down. Or you can do Cross Crawls, or you can point at someone and do an 8 in the air, someone can do Lazy 8s on your back. For Cross Crawls, you can do them in the coatroom.-Liamchu

-We are doing something called #OneLittleWord, you have to say 7 things you're good at, 5 things you're working on and one little word to keep you on track with those things. Then you plan 3 ways to achieve that. Then, you make a painting with water paint and put your picture on and cut out things for your word and put that on your painting. We put salt on the paint too and after a day, you brush it off and it looks cool -Katie

-Friday, it was Lise's last day. So we celebrated it. The things that we do in French are Pouce and Around the World. Sometimes, we do Violetter, Orange et Vert and Les Carrottes - Indi


Tree Families
-our theme this month is integrity. Our big idea is: stand up for what you believe in
-we'll be seeing our Tree Families on Wednesday from 8:20-9:40 a.m. for our Workshops!
-remember, parents are welcome to join Tree Families! You can join your child in a multi-age group every Wednesday morning for read alouds, discussions and activities!
-In Tree Families, we did Workshops, we missed the last one, but this one, my Tree Family did board games with Heather, but everyone else does everything else with another teacher -Indi

Other News

NOTE: This post will be updated periodically throughout the week, check back often for more updates!

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