Friday, 30 January 2015

What Stuck With Us - January 28th-29th, 2015

What's your name?What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?
SamI practiced time.
JamesI learned some stuff about babies.The baby was named wesley.I learned it by seeing wesley and Owen D's mom named Tara.
RowanWhat stuck with me today was tweeting for the first time ever!
tommy wommeyI learned in my math book a lot of things that are awesome some of them where very very
Ava kitten TRYING TO FINISH MY MAP !!! and i am excited for tomorrow ! Me and toni are going to do a pip
Sophie ster I learned what happens when salt goes on watercolors we should try horder to be good!!!
miss Katie the LadyMy dad came in for math and we did a math duotang.In language we had to design our own map with a partner.Me and Ava bunny where partners and it was fun.I'M GETTING CRUTCHES!!!
ike what stuck with me today was creating the park maps. I learned about area and perimeter when I was doing math.
Lilahthat i am gowing to hav a fon tim with my klasno
Twanetta I learned that some schools theres a test some are you have to draw a person and the mark is 12/12 that means that you will total be in the school. If you do something else you might. :)
indiuAt the end of the day, Mariko and I had to restart our project on the maps. Isaac was laughing, saying `you are gonna be toast` and I started laughing out loud after that. It was fun and funny and I burst out laughing again.
Owen Bubosten Delage What stuck with me today is that I got so much work today. Also What stuck with me was a mystery person is coming tomorrow. Nope.
shanerI liked when we continued on our park map
OysterI learned that math is easy. I learned that by doing a easy math sheet. I t was awesome (and easy)
MarikoI learned weat is Moode colors from the Ounelittilword.Nope.
r r o o b b e e r r t t ! ! !i liked the to paint in my tree familie and the one little word painting i would like to that again some time
IndiWE had tree families,art and it was awesome LOVE: INDI...B JOHNSON
Lilahi lrnd h2o mens wodre. i am having a pladat with Ava no
Owen Stowen Fowen DelageWhat stuck with me was the outdoors gym.Nope.
SamI learned that there is a x axis
Ava catWhen we did the math it was really fun me and my partner called it Aveni park !we did make a mistake and then fixed it!!!!
Sophie fishI got to paint with watercolor.thank you for churchill school.
JamesI learned a lot perimeter and area. I had a lot of fun. I learned it by doing it on the domb board. (that's what I call the smart board)
RowanWhat stuck with me today was learning about graphs in my math group.
Twanetta I did my back round for #onelittleword but I am not finished. :(
But we are going to gym. :)
We're going skating, and firefly making this friday
o y s t e r I learned art is awesome. I learned that from doing art pictures that look awesome. It was awesome !!! :) :) :)
Liam The PikachuWhat Stuck With Me Today Is I Learned About Area And Perimeter How I Learned It Was Shaunas Area And Perimeter Doc!!!AAA...NOO!!!
shanerI learned sait can make stane affected.

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